About Us - Anti-Seize Technology
develops Compounds, Sealants, Penetrants and more...

Anti-Seize Technology Sealants

John H. Heydt, President and General Manager
Allen Majeski, Vice President, Research & Development

Product categories:

  • Anti-Seize Compounds
  • Pipe Thread Sealants
  • PTFE Tapes
  • PTFE Joint Sealants
  • RTV Silicones
  • Aerosol Maintenance Products
  • Threadlockers/Retaining
  • Compounds
  • Lubricants and Penetrants
  • Protectants/Coatings
  • Greases
  • Cleaners/Degreasers
  • POP Displays

Brands: Anti-Seize Compounds...Cop-Graf™, Special™, Nickel Graf™, Moly-Lit™, Moly-AP™, Aluminum Plate™, Copper Plate™, Nickel Plate™, Pure White™, Hi-Temp™ Food Grade

PipeThread Sealants... TFE™, Sof-Set™, S'mooth™, Slickon® GTS Gold™, Tuf-Set™, AST-PPD™

Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealants... AST-SEAL™ STD, HD, HYD, PH

PTFE Tapes... Poly-Temp® MD, HD, XHD, GAS, SSG, PNK

Threadlockers /Retaining Compounds... AST-LOCK™

Anti-Seize Technology (AST) is a well-established manufacturer and supplier in the industry. They offer over 135 products including Pipe Thread Sealants, PTFE Tapes, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealants, RTV Silicones, Threadlockers, Aerosol Maintenance products, Cyanoacrylate adhesives, PTFE Valve Stem Packings, Industrial Detergents, Greases, and the most complete line of anti-seize compounds available from any manufacturer.

Anti-Seize Technology was founded in 1971. The company has been growing and serving some of the same original customers for over 35 years. AST was established with a simple philosophy that still drives them today. AST manufactures high-quality products at competitive prices, eliminates high corporate overhead costs, and combines this with continuous Research and Development to maintain a high level of product performance required by increasingly demanding applications. AST listens to their customers and responds with the dependable products they need. The Company also prides itself in maintaining timely personalized service to all customers.

In 1989 AST moved to their current location, a new larger manufacturing facility in Franklin Park, IL. The new building allowed for more streamlined manufacturing and packaging operations, better efficiency, and additional space for AST's Research and Development. The Company's centralized location also allows the serving of all areas of the country in a timely fashion.

Throughout the years, Anti-Seize Technology has added key personal to Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, and Purchasing and Manufacturing. This allows AST to develop products that exceed the customers' expectations while greatly expanding the our product offering.

Anti-Seize Technology reaches customers through Domestic and International Distributors, large Industrial Distributors, numerous independent supply houses and many private label accounts. Some distributors include: Barnes Group, W.W. Grainger, Fastenal, Ferguson Enterprise, McJunkin, Winzer, and Motion Industries.

The industries AST services include Petroleum Refineries, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Marine, Transportation, Earth Moving equipment, Agriculture, Mining, Food Processing, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Heavy and Light Duty Construction Industries, OEMs, all MROs, and many others.

Pipe Thread Sealants and Plumbing compounds are another important part of our business. This line includes our Poly-Temp® and Poly-Temp® XHD™ PTFE Tapes available in Low, Medium and Full Density., AST-Seal™ Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealants, a variety of Paste Style Thread Sealants, Plumber's Putty, Mildew resistant Silicone, Pipe Joint and Gasket Lubricants, and Pipe Cutting Oils.

In addition to anti-seize compounds and Thread Sealants, AST offers Threadlockers, RTV Silicones, Greases, Aerosol Maintenance products, Industrial Hard Surface Cleaners, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealants, PTFE Valve Stem Packings, Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, and various dispensing products.

Anti-Seize Technology products are made from highly refined petroleum-base stocks as well as fully synthetic bases. Anti-seize compounds represent the core of AST's business. They sell over 15 different anti-seize products representing the largest offering from any manufacturer.

Our passion is in our products and excellent service is our promise. We look forward to serving you as our customer.