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What is the shelf life on PTFE tapes?

All of our POLY-TEMP® PTFE products have an unlimited shelf life.

Why are your tapes more expensive than what is usually found in a retail hardware store chain?

Specific gravity or density dictates grade and value of a PTFE thread seal tape. Our tapes range from a low density to a XHD (extra heavy duty) grade as well as several specific grades and types of PTFE thread seal tapes for specific industrial applications. We have the highest quality and most diverse range of PTFE thread seal tapes on the market. (For further information, please see thread sealant category on our website and browse through our entire offering.)

Why are there so many anti-seize compounds to choose from?

When choosing the correct anti-seize for your application there are many factors involved. Some grades do overlap in performance thereby affording more than one possibility. Each potential application needs to be reviewed before making a final choice. (Please refer to our "Why Use an Anti-seize Product?" and "How to Choose an Anti-Seize Product" information sheets) In our expansive research, we find that for most general-purpose applications, our COP-GRAF™ and our SPECIAL™ anti-seize compounds will work very well.

I have been using a retail store bought penetrating lubricant for my snow blower and lawn equipment mechanisms. I find myself having to frequently reapply the lubricant. Do you have a penetrating lubricant that has better performance and is longer lasting?

We have a SUPERIOR, longer lasting, Industrial grade, deep penetrating lubricant. Our SLICKON® FLOW-LUBE™ outperforms all other aerosol spray lubricants in the market. (Please refer to our web site product category: Lubricants/Penetrants for additional product information.)


Information Sheets

PDF Why Use an Anti-Seize Product?

PDF How to Choose an Anti-Seize Product


Allergen Certifications

PDF Allergen and TSE-BSE free declaration for our products.


How to Sheets

PDF How to Apply AST-SEAL™ Std & HD Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealants

PDF How to Apply AST-RTV™ Silicone Adhesive | Sealant | Instant Gasket

PDF How to Apply POLY-TEMP® PTFE/UHF Joint Sealant

PDF How to Apply POLY-TEMP® PTFE Tapes on Pipe Threads

PDF How to Apply Thread Seal Compounds

PDF General Information on Torque Specifications



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