READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties

READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties

Ready-Stick™ Epoxy Putties are hand-kneadable, will patch holes, repair cracks, and mend most anything that is broken. Excellent for rebuilding and fabricating parts. Ready-Stick Epoxy Putty-General purpose for metal, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, concrete, fiberglass and many plastics. Ready-Stick with Steel Epoxy Putty-Steel-reinforced for ferrous and aluminum metals. Ready-Stick with Copper Epoxy Putty-Copper filled for copper, brass, bronze, and other non- ferrous metals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows breaking off any portion to keep the unused stick for future use
  • Can be tapped, drilled, filed, sanded and painted
  • Eliminates drips and runs
  • Underwater repairs
  • Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes
  • Safe for use with potable water

Temperature Range: Withstands temperatures of -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C), intermittent 300°F (149°C)

Applications: Plumbing and electrical repair, construction equipment, auto/truck repair, home/shop repair, iron pipes, concrete tools, oil and water tanks, tools, stripped threads, sink and pipe joints, gas tanks and radiators, molds, patterns, castings, and duct work.

Ready-Stick Epoxy Putties are individually packaged in re-sealable plastic tubes.

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READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties

General Purpose

Epoxy Putty

-40 to 250 ºF -40 to 121 ºC


READY-STICK™ - with Steel Epoxy Putties

with Steel Epoxy Putties

Epoxy Putty with Steel

-40 to 250 ºF -40 to 121 ºC


READY-STICK™ - with Copper Epoxy Putties

with Copper Epoxy Putties

Epoxy Putty with Copper

-40 to 250 ºF -40 to 121 ºC


Point-of-Purchase Displays

4 oz

250 ºF 121 ºC