Product Recommendations for
Grounds Maintenance Industries

Grounds Maintenance


Ready-Stick™ Epoxy Putties are hand-kneadable, will patch holes, repair cracks, and mend most anything that is broken. Excellent for rebuilding and fabricating parts.

Ready-Stick Epoxy Putty - General purpose for metal, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, concrete, fiberglass and many plastics.

Ready-Stick with Steel Epoxy Putty - Steel-reinforced for ferrous and aluminum metals.

Ready-Stick with Copper Epoxy Putty - Copper filled for copper, brass, bronze, and other nonferrous metals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows breaking off any portion to keep the unused stick for future use.
  • Can be tapped, drilled, filed, sanded and painted.
  • Eliminates drips and runs.
  • Underwater repairs.
  • Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes.
  • Safe for use with potable water.

Temperature Range :
Withstands temperatures of -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C), intermittent 300°F (149°C).


Cop-Graf™ is a top-quality anti-seize compound composed of pure copper and graphite in a high-heat-resistant carrier. It is designed to lubricate and protect threaded connections and flanges at temperatures to 1800°F (982°C) and under extreme load pressure conditions. Cop-Graf has water-resistant and anti-oxidant properties, does not separate and is formulated to withstand lengthy service and serve conditions. Stress, strain, and time to disassemble are greatly diminished. Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications.

Features and Benefits:

  • No re-torquing required.
  • Will not deteriorate with age.
  • Resists cold flow and creep.
  • Meets FDA requirements.
  • Reduces inventory of cut gaskets by eliminating need.
  • Cut with scissors and apply to sealing surface. Self- adhesive strip holds firmly in place.

Temperature/Pressure Ranges:
Temperatures from -450°F to +600°F(-268°C to +316°C), withstands pressures up to 3,000 psi.

MARINE GRADE NON-METALLIC™ Anti-Seize & Anti-Corrosion Compound is designed to give optimal performance in harsh marine environments. It has been specifically engineered to withstand wet, humid conditions in both fresh and saltwater. MARINE GRADE NON-METALLIC will protect parts under extreme pressure and heat conditions. Contains our proprietary grease designed with advanced rust and corrosion inhibitors which have been selected for their ability to function in wet environments and withstand salt water exposure for long periods of time. Our proprietary hybrid grease along with a high non-metallic solid content that will also act as an electrical insulator between dissimilar metals inhibiting galvanic corrosion.

Features and Benefits:

  • Protects assemblies in wet humid conditions.
  • Versatile, works on small and large assemblies.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Speeds disassembly.
  • Inhibits galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.
  • High resistance to seizing, galling, and cold welding.
  • High resistance to salt water corrosion.
  • Compatible with all types of metals and most plastics.
  • Non-hardening and non-dripping.
  • Brush-top applicator available.

Moly-Lit™ is an extra heavy-duty, extreme-pressure, low-friction lubricant. It offers high concentrations of molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and other anti-wear solids in a high-performance carrier. Use it to protect valuable parts and equipment to temperatures up to 2400°F (1315°C). Exceeds MIL-A-907 specifications.


Heavy Duty™ is a concentrated, water-based, highly alkaline detergent for removing tough soils such as grease, oil, grime, soot, and ground-in dirt. Phosphate free with highly-active cleansing agents to reduce cleaning time and effort.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low toxicity, non-flammable.
  • USDA approved.
  • Biodegradable, water soluble.
  • Quick acting.
  • Safe for aluminum.
  • NSF registered.

Battery Cleaner is a foaming cleanser that dissolves and neutralizes battery acid corrosion. The Visual Indicator turns RED in presence of acid. When the acid is neutralized the Indicator shows YELLOW. Simply spray on, wait two minutes, and wipe or flush corrosion away with water.

Battery Cleaner is the complimentary product to Battery Protector and Sealer. To provide optimum protection after using Battery Cleaner, apply Battery Protector and Sealer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extends battery life.
  • Insures maximum battery output.
  • Removes corrosion from terminals and casing.
  • Restores battery appearance.
  • Visual Indicator reveals presence of acid.


AST RUBBER COAT™ Liquid Rubber Sealant Coating is a rubberized long-lasting leak sealer that is watertight and will not sag, drip, crack, or peel. Also a base undercoat for use on cars, trucks and trailers, etc. to prevent rust and deaden sound. Rubber Coat leaves a firm, black, resilient, paintable, rubbery texture which will provide years of protection.

Features and Benefits :

  • Extremely durable rust and corrosion inhibitor.
  • Lays down smooth with a black finish.
  • Will not crack or peel with age.
  • Resists chipping.
  • Paintable.
  • Elastic.
  • Waterproof.
  • Deadens sound.

Rust Treatment converts rust to a dark protective polymeric coating. It changes existing rust to an inert coating that seals out moisture to prevent future rust and corrosion.

Features and Benefits :

  • Stops rusting instantly.
  • Primer for oil based paints.
  • Long-term protection on steel and iron.
  • Will not peal or crack.
  • Eliminates lengthy surface preparations.
  • Protects surfaces to resist the effects of weather.


Poly-Temp® Joint is a 100% expanded PTFE/UHF gasket material. It is a soft, pliable ribbon with a self-adhesive tape applied to one side. Poly-Temp Joint is a tough, flexible, and economical universal gasket that replaces cut gaskets in a variety of regular and severe service applications. It will not deteriorate with age, is unaffected by common chemicals, withstands pressures up to 3000 psi and temperatures -450° to 600°F (-268° to 316°C). This unique material is highly compressible and fills severe irregularities in sealing surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Self-adhesive, easy to work with.
  • Flanges part easily.
  • No re-torquing required.
  • Will not deteriorate with age.
  • Resists cold flow and creep.
  • Meets FDA requirements.
  • Reduces inventory of cut gaskets by eliminating need.
  • Cut with scissors and apply to sealing surface. Self- adhesive strip holds firmly in place.

Temperature/Pressure Ranges:
Temperatures from -450°F to +600°F(-268°C to +316°C), withstands pressures up to 3,000 psi.

AST-GASKET MAKER™ is a smooth, thick, purple paste. The anaerobic chemistry of this product creates a tough flexible formed-in-place gasket. Once confined between two components, AST-GASKET MAKER provides an instant low pressure seal.

Features and Benefits :

  • Alleviates the need for preformed gaskets.
  • Remains liquid when exposed to air.
  • Cures when confined between mating flanges.
  • Prevents corrosion and galling of threads.
  • Can fill gaps as large as 0.050.

Temperature Range :
-65°F to 300°F.


100% RTV Silicone is a multi-purpose, single-component adhesive sealant that quickly adheres to most surfaces. It cures in 24 hours to provide a tough, resilient, silicone rubber good for hundreds of applications.

100% RTV Silicone can be used for gasketing, sealing, bonding, insulating, caulking, encapsulating, and coating. This flexible material resists shrinking, cracking, weather, ozone, chemicals, moisture, vibration, and extreme temperatures ranging from -85° to +450°F (-65° to +232°C), Hi-Temp Red to 500°F (260°C) continuous and 600°F intermittent exposure. Low-volatile formula recommended for many automotive applications.

AST-RTV Silicone is UL and NSF approved. Meets FDA Reg. No. 21 CFR 177.2600 and MIL-A-46106 Specs. The equivalent of Dow Corning's 732 and 736, GM, Ford, and Chrysler specs.

AST-RTV Silicone is great for making replacements of custom gaskets and seals for all types of motors, transmissions, gear housings, pumps, power tools, machinery, etc. It's better than conventional gaskets because it fills in surface irregularities.

As a sealer and caulk, use AST-RTV Silicone to seal heating and ventilating ducts. It seals cracks and gaps around windows, vents, doors, machinery, truck cabs and trailers, fixtures, lights, walls, bathtubs, sinks, etc. It can be used to waterproof electrical connections and boxes. It seals out water from compartments in machinery as well as holes where wire tubing or refrigeration lines run through walls.

As a flexible adhesive, AST-RTV Silicone is versatile and easily bonds dissimilar materials. It provides excellent adhesion to clean metal, glass, most types of wood, ceramic, porcelain, painted, and many plastic surfaces. Attach nameplates and signs to equipment, walls, doors, windows, (interior or exterior). AST-RTV Silicone bonds gaskets in heating and refrigeration units.

As a specialty sealant AST-RTV Silicone can be used to seal or coat components exposed to moisture, vibration, shock, certain fuels, oils, solvents, chemicals and corrosives for a long period of time. This product can be used as a formed-in-place gasket where irregular shapes and harsh conditions reject ordinary seals. It is also effective for repairing electrical insulation, sealing insulators and entrance ports to transformers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior caulking, bonding and sealing qualities.
  • Easier to use than other gasketing methods.
  • Resists chemicals, temperature extremes, weather, vibration, moisture and ozone.
  • Will not sag, run off, or shrink.
  • Functions in hundreds of applications as a specialty sealant and flexible adhesive.
  • Excellent non-conducting characteristics.
  • Low volatile material available, oxygen sensor safe.
  • Neutral cure available for masonry.


SG-ONE™ is a new, clear, dielectric, silicone grease is available in Light or Heavy Consistency. It is infused with PTFE for added lubrication and high temperature properties. This product is both FDA and NSF compliant, with no dropping or melting points.

SG-ONE is resistant to moisture, dielectric, and has a long service life.

SG-ONE Light Consistency is a release agent, O-ring lubricant, and dielectric moisture barrier that is easy to apply.

SG-ONE Heavy Consistency is a dielectric moisture sealant on electrical and mechanical equipment, with thicker, more durable consistency.

Features and Benefits:

  • Food Grade compliant, suitable for incidental contact under FDA Regulation 21 CFR 175.300.
  • Military Spec. C.I.D. A-A-59173 ASG (SG-One Light).
  • Odorless, non-toxic, non-melting, non-corrosive.
  • Long service life.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Excellent lubrication and release properties.
  • High chemical, oxidation, and radiation resistance.

Temperature Range:
Continuous service to 400°F (204°C), intermittent to 450°F (232°C).

SLICKON® Flow-Lube™ is an industrial lubricant ideal for preventative and corrective maintenance that will keep equipment in service longer and reduce costly breakdowns caused by worn and soiled parts. Unique coating action fills in surface irregularities with a combination of premium petroleum oils, micronized PTFE, and extreme pressure additives which act to keep the PTFE in place for long-lasting lubrication.

Features and Benefits :

  • Penetrates to displace contaminants.
  • Reduces friction to increase part life.
  • Prevents rust, corrosion, and icing.
  • Rejects dirt, dust, sand, and other particles.
  • Keeps equipment running longer.

All-Purpose 4-Way™ is formulated to lubricate, penetrate, and displace moisture, leaving parts with a protective anti-rust film. This lubricant protects metal parts which helps eliminate pounding and breakage during disassembly. All-Purpose 4-Way has no CFCs, chlorinated solvents, or silicones.

Features and Benefits :

  • Penetrates hard to reach places on contact.
  • Frees and lubricates frozen and rusted parts.
  • Displaces moisture.
  • Inhibits rust and corrosion and protects metal surfaces.
  • Cleans and degreases tools and equipment.
  • Unique aerosol can spray in any position.

AST Penetrant II™ is a heavy-duty, industrial strength penetrant. It quickly penetrates deep through rust, scale, and corrosion. Will free metal parts faster than ordinary penetrants/lubricants. AST Penetrant II has no CFCs, chlorinated solvents, or silicones.

Features and Benefits :

  • Deep penetrating action.
  • Quickly attacks heavy rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits.
  • Frees metal parts faster.
  • Reduces costs in time and labor.
  • Eliminates excessive parts breakage.
  • Jet stream delivery allows precision spraying.
  • Aerosol is CFC Free.

AST™ Silicone Lubricant (Industrial Grade) is a dry lubricant and release agent to make everything slide and glide more easily with no greasy mess. This universal dry lubricant waterproofs, protects, and rustproofs almost any surface with high-viscous silicone to resist breakdown under heavy loads or mechanical shear.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% pure silicone.
  • Non-toxic, non-staining.
  • Odorless, colorless.
  • Provides a non-tacky film of lubrication.
  • Excellent release properties for metallic and non-metallic surfaces.
  • Aerosol is CFC Free.

Temperature Range :
-40° to 400°F (-40° to 204°C).


AST-LOCK Retaining Compounds provide a solution for every practical industrial application. Retain bearings and housings and reduce maintenance for pneumatic/hydraulic equipment. Use right out of the bottle. Packaged in three popular sizes to fit your particular job or application.


AST-LOCK Anaerobic Threadlockers provide a solution for every practical industrial application. Lock screws in place and secure bolts and studs. Use right out of the bottle. Packaged in three popular sizes to fit your particular job or application.


AST-SEAL™ HYD is an excellent sealant for straight metal threads and created to withstand hydraulic system pressures. It also exhibits high-temp and solvent resistance to water and non-polar solvents.

AST-SEAL™ PH is designed to resist all hydraulic fluids and seal Pneumatic/Hydraulic systems and is a thicker, non-running version of AST-SEAL™ HYD for overhead or inside machinery applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-shredding, non-contaminating.
  • Made for high-pressure fluid power systems.
  • Easy to apply, non-destructive disassembly.

Temperature Range :
-60° to 350°F (-51° to 176°C).

AST-SEAL™ Std (Standard Grade) is a general-purpose pipe sealant providing an instant permanent seal that cures in the absence of air to lock threads securely. Withstands temperatures from -65° to 300°F (-54° to 149°C) continuous, 375°F (191°C) intermittent.

AST-SEALHD (Heavy Duty) stainless steel grade is formulated for stainless steel alloy fittings to cure more quickly than standard grade anaerobic. Withstands temperatures from -65° to 400°F (-54° to 204°C) continuous, 500°F (260°C) intermittent. UL Classified.

Pressure Range :
Seals to 1000 psi immediately after application and up to the burst rating of a typical pipe after curing. Will not clog small openings typically found in hydraulic systems.

TUF-SET™ is a high-performance HVAC blue pipe-thread sealant. It has a smooth consistency for easy application, and is formulated for fast drying to ensure quicker sealing time. Tuf-Set stays flexible to resist vibrations and thermal expansions or contractions, has no PTFE, no heavy metals such as lead or cadmium, and can be used on all metal and most plastic pipe connections. Not for oxygen use. For Blazemaster CPVC use our GTS Gold™.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dries quickly, stays firm but flexible.
  • Corrosion inhibiting, seals a wide variety of chemicals.
  • Non-seizing to allow easy disassembly.
  • Non-toxic, no heavy metal fillers.

Temperature/Pressure Range:
Withstands temperatures -40° to 400°F (-40° to 204°C) and pressures up to 10000 psi (liquid).

SOF-SET™ is a semi-smooth, easily-applied, thread-sealing compound formulated with special ingredients to provide superior sealing to a variety of liquids and gases. SOF-SET is non-petroleum based with a high-solids content that firms up after application to further promote a quality seal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dries to a soft set.
  • Corrosion inhibiting.
  • Non-seizing to allow disassembly.
  • Non-metallic solids.
  • Non-dripping.
  • May be applied to newly cut hot threads.

Temperature/Pressure Ranges:
Withstands temperatures to 400°F (204°C) and pressures to 10000 psi (liquid), 2600 psi (gas).

TFE™ is a superior-grade, non-hardening, heavy-duty pipe thread sealant that is easy to-apply. Formulated to a thick paste consistency, its fortified with an extra amount of PTFE and PTFE materials to give a positive seal with less effort Because of its unique solids content, TFE fills thread imperfections and provides leak-proof joints that seal for the life of the connection.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy-duty sealant.
  • Contains no solvents.
  • Seals immediately, no waiting.
  • Non-staining, non-corrosive, non-hardening, non-toxic.
  • Non-dripping, can be applied to newly cut hot threads.
  • FDA and NSF authorized.
  • Prevents corrosion, seizing and galling.
  • UL Classified and NSF Registered.
  • UL Classified for fire protection sprinkler systems.

Temperature/Pressure Ranges:
Withstands temperatures to 500°F (260°C) and pressures to 10000 psi (liquid), 2000 psi (gas).

POLY-TEMP® PTFE Thread Seal Tapes

Our most-popular thread seal tape, Poly-Temp® MD is made from 100% pure PTFE resins. Its medium density allows it to be used as a general-purpose thread seal tape in most applications. May be used on all types of pipes and most services. More economical than most paste thread-sealing compounds, never dries out, no mess, no dripping, easy to apply. UL Recognized Component.

Poly-Temp SSG XHD with its nickel content is designed to perform as a sealant and as an anti-seize for difficult service conditions associated with stainless steel and SS alloys. ULC Recognized Component.

POLY-TEMP® GAS (XHD) - Yellow GAS Line PTFE Tape Ourhighest grade of PTFE tape, extra thick and extra density material, has approval from the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) for gas lines (CSA #4-90). UL Listed, Recognized Component and ULC.

Poly-Temp® Thread Seal Tapes are 100% PTFE from the highest quality resins available. This universal thread sealant can be used on all types of metal or plastic pipe connections and effectively seal a vast array of chemicals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Thread sealant for all services.
  • Lubricates threads for easy assembly.
  • Chemically inert, non-toxic.
  • Not flimsy like economy tapes.
  • Easy to apply and handle.
  • Meets USDA and FDA requirements.
  • Meets MIL-T-27730A.
  • More durable and more PTFE for positive sealing.
  • Temperatures from -400° to 550°F (-240° to 287°C).
  • Pressures up to 10000 psi.