CA™ - Instant Adhesives

CA™ - Instant Adhesives

Instant Adhesives CA-020™ (Regular Viscosity) instant adhesive is an ethyl-cyanoacrylate adhesive. CA-020 is a general purpose, fast-curing product with good elasticity for bonding plastics, metal, rubber, glass, and dissimilar materials. CA-120™ (Medium Viscosity) instant adhesive is slightly thicker for those applications requiring less run off. Better for metal and ceramics. CA-220™ (Non-run Gel) instant adhesive for overhead or vertical areas where the adhesive must stay put during pre-assembly. Best for porous surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Most versatile instant adhesives available
  • Fast overall cure speed
  • Three viscosities to accommodate all requirements
  • Convenient dispenser bottle with screw cap

Temperature Range: -40° to 180°F (-40° to 82°C), Intermittent 250°F (121°C).

Applications: Electronic equipment including PC boards, connectors, and transformers. Plastic cases, rubber fabrication and gaskets, appliances, and office equipment.

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CA020™ - Instant Adhesives (Regular Viscosity)

Regular Viscosity

1 oz (28 g)

-40 to 180 ºF -40 to 82 ºC


CA120™ - Instant Adhesives (Medium Viscosity)

Medium Viscosity

1 oz (28 g)

-40 to 180 ºF -40 to 82 ºC


CA220™ - Instant Adhesives (Non-run Gel)

Non-run Gel

20 g

-40 to 180 ºF -40 to 82 ºC