63025, H-P STAINLESS STEEL™ Anti-Seize Compound, Nuclear Grade

63025, H-P STAINLESS STEEL™ Anti-Seize Compound, Nuclear Grade

SKU: 63025

H-P Stainless Steel™ Anti-Seize Compound, Nuclear Grade, is formulated with ultra pure graphite and stainless steel powder to meet the demanding requirements of the Nuclear and electrical power generating industry. Each Lot is rigorously tested for halogens, sulfur, nitrates, nitrides, and low melting metal elements specifically restricted for use in Nuclear power plants. Exceeds the purity requirements set forth by Westinghouse and General Electric for use in nuclear power plants as well as turbine applications.

H-P Stainless Steel™ Anti-Seize Compound, Nuclear Grade contains a premium, fully synthetic, non-melting base grease to withstand temperatures in excess of 450°F (232°C). It will not drip at extreme temperatures. Stainless Steel fillers form a laminar matrix of overlapping particles to shield out moisture, providing a high degree of chemical, corrosion, and UV resistance. Will provide thermal resistance from  -50°F  to 2400°F (-46°C-1316°C).

Features and Benefits:

  • Comply with Toshiba/Westinghouse Specification; APP-GW-Z0-602 and GE/Hitachi Specification; D50YP12
  • Nuclear power plant hardware Class 1, 2, 3 fittings in reactors, steam generators, turbines. Particularly good for critical, large joint assembly
  • Ultra low levels of restricted elements for the nuclear and electrical generation industry. Extreme low levels of sulfur, halogens, and low melting point metals
  • Traceability of lot with test report
  • Excellent chemical resistance. Prevents galling and seizure when assembling hard metal alloys
  • Seals out moisture from the underlying parts to enhance corrosion resistance
  • Non-melting grease mean the compound will stay on the parts at elevated temperatures without the fear of dripping off and contaminating the surrounding areas
  • Low environmental impact

Applications: Gauges and Fittings, Fasteners in Steel Mills, power and nuclear plants. Electrical engineering plants. Stainless steel pipefittings and unions, reactor bolts, fasteners in exhaust manifolds, turbine bolts

Item Name H-P STAINLESS STEEL™ Anti-Seize Compound, Nuclear Grade
Size 38 oz
Packaging Type Can
Color Silver
Operating Temperature (Max) 2400 ºF 1315 ºC
Physical Form Paste
Material Stainless Steel/ Graphite Based
Style Lubricant
Type Anti-Seize Compound
Operating Temperature Range -50 to 2400 ºF (-146 to 1316 ºC)
Total Height 4.880 in
Total Width 4.250 in
Total Length 4.250 in