53631, AST PENETRANT II™ - 1 gal Can

53631, AST PENETRANT II™ - 1 gal Can

SKU: 53631

AST Penetrant II™ is a heavy-duty, industrial strength penetrant. It quickly penetrates deep through rust, scale, and corrosion. Will free metal parts faster than ordinary penetrants/lubricants. AST Penetrant II has no CFCs, chlorinated solvents, or silicones.

Features and Benefits:

  • Deep penetrating action
  • Quickly attacks heavy rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits
  • Frees metal parts faster
  • Reduces costs in time and labor
  • Eliminates excessive parts breakage
  • Jet stream delivery allows precision spraying
  • Aerosol is CFC Free

Applications: Heavily rusted and corroded nuts and bolts, threaded connections, machinery linkages, pipe joints and tools. Heavy equipment, farm and marine equipment, pumps, valves and couplings.

**All aerosol products must be Ground Shipped by UPS.


Size 1 gal
Color Amber
Shipping Weight 8.5 lb
Packaging Type Can
Type Penetrant
Style Metal Free
Total Height 10.500 in
Total Width 6.500 in
Total Length 4.250 in
Material Heavy Duty
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.