53205, BATTERY CLEANER (with Indicator) - 5 gal

53205, BATTERY CLEANER (with Indicator) - 5 gal

SKU: 53205

Battery Cleaner is a foaming cleanser that dissolves and neutralizes battery acid corrosion. The Visual Indicator turns RED in presence of acid. When the acid is neutralized the Indicator shows YELLOW. Simply spray on, wait two minutes, and wipe or flush corrosion away with water. Battery Cleaner is the complimentary product to Battery Protector and Sealer. To provide optimum protection after using Battery Cleaner, apply Battery Protector and Sealer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extends battery life
  • Insures maximum battery output
  • Removes corrosion from terminals and casing
  • Restores battery appearance
  • Visual Indicator reveals presence of acid

Applications: Use on all vehicle batteries such as: fork lifts, golf carts, cars, trucks, buses, and taxis. Also recommended for auxiliary generators and emergency equipment, railroad and construction equipment, and all other types of batteries in or out of storage.

Please call 1-800-991-1106 for 55gal Drum price.

**All aerosol products must be Ground Shipped by UPS.

Type Foaming Cleanser
Size 5 gal
Color Amber
Shipping Weight 44 lb
Packaging Type Container with Spigot
Style Foaming
Physical Form Liquid
Total Height 13.750 in
Total Width 12.000 in
Total Length 12.000 in
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.