50152, AST-GASKET MAKER™ Flexible Anaerobic Gasket

50152, AST-GASKET MAKER™ Flexible Anaerobic Gasket

SKU: 50152

AST-GASKET MAKER™ is a smooth, thick, purple paste. The anaerobic chemistry of this product creates a tough flexible formed-in-place gasket. Once confined between two components, AST-GASKET MAKER provides an instant low pressure seal.

Features and Benefits:

  • Alleviates the need for preformed gaskets
  • Remains Liquid when exposed to air
  • Cures when confined between mating flanges
  • Prevents corrosion and galling of threads
  • Can fill gaps as large as 0.050

Temperature Range: -65ºF to 300ºF

Applications: Fuel and water pumps, split crank cases on engines, gearbox covers, engine thermostats, air compressor end caps, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. Can be used with or without pre-cut, pre-formed gaskets.

Size 1.69 oz 50 mL
Packaging Type Tube
Temperature Rating -65 to 300 ºF -53 to 148 ºC
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.