45338, BD & B Filled with Zinc

45338, BD & B Filled with Zinc

SKU: 45338

Our SLICKON® BOLT DIP & BRUSH™ is a revolution on how to apply a messy Anti-Seize compound to a fastener. It is faster and cleaner than any previous method you have ever used in the past.

This Bolt applicator will save you time and money by greatly minimizing the mess that usually is involved with the traditional brush on application.

The SLICKON® BOLT DIP & BRUSH™ has had real world testing by some of the top mechanics and demonstrates 80% time savings when using the Bolt Dip & Brush. When you consider this applicator use 50% less anti-seize than traditional methods, the savings really add up.

Anti-Seize Technology SLICKON® BOLT DIP & BRUSH™ is the solution for fast, clean and easier way to apply Anti-Seize to your bolts!

Applications: Automotive, industrial, marine, food, and anywhere bolts are used.

When ordering, please specify your preferred Anti-Seize compound for your SLICKON® BOLT DIP & BRUSH™

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Zinc Anti-Seize™ is a smooth mixture of zinc dust and petrolatum compound to prevent seizing and corrosion within metal joint assemblies. Recommended for aluminum and aluminum alloys. Protects against corrosion through the electrochemical "Galvanizing" properties of the zinc dust on both aluminum and ferrous metal (iron) components.

Features and Benefits:

  • Conforms to MIL-T-22361, MIL-AA-59313
  • Corrosion protection up to 750°F (399°C)
  • Resists seizing in aluminum, aluminum alloys, and iron assemblies
Item Name BD & B Filled with Zinc
Type Lubricant
Size 8 oz
Packaging Type 8 oz
Color Bolt Dip & Brush
Operating Temperature (Max) Gray
Physical Form 750 ºF 399 ºC
Material Paste
Style Synthetic base grease, pure copper flake
Operating Temperature Range Anti-Seize Compound
Total Height N/A
Total Width 5.250 in
Total Length 3.250 in
Shipping Weight 3.250 in
Note 0.75 lb