39902, AST-LOCK™ 90PW - Medium/High Strength, Penetrating, Wicking - 50 mL

39902, AST-LOCK™ 90PW - Medium/High Strength, Penetrating, Wicking - 50 mL

SKU: 39902

AST-LOCK™ 90PW - Medium/High Strength, Penetrating, Wicking is intended to penetrate and seal pre-assembled fasteners by capillary action. Use to secure setscrews and other assemblies after final adjustments are completed.

AST-LOCK anaerobics cure within metal connections, in the absence of oxygen, and at ambient temperatures. Available in a full range of strengths and viscosities. These anaerobics fill all surface imperfections and set to a tough, durable seal across the entire surface while distributing the stress load and reducing fastener fatigue. Vibration loosening is prevented and the connection is sealed and protected against corrosion.

AST-LOCK Anaerobic Threadlockers provide a solution for every practical industrial application. Lock screws in place and secure bolts and studs. Use right out of the bottle. Packaged in three popular sizes to fit your particular job or application.

AST-LOCK™ anaerobics are single-component, fast-curing, and solvent-free. Eliminates the need for other mechanical locking devices. Hardening only within the joint, anaerobics do not block or contaminate the system; excess resin outside remains in liquid state and is removed easily. Improve products quality and reliability.

For use with most AST-LOCK™ anaerobic compounds :

AST-LOCK™ PRIMER T is Heptane Based and fast acting Viscosity: 3 Cps, Flash Point: 0°F, Color: Green.

AST-LOCK™ PRIMER N is Heptane Based and good for general-purpose applications Viscosity: 3 Cps, Flash Point: 30°F, Color: Green.

Best suited for metal fasteners under 3/4" when a low-strength threadlocker is required for easy disassembly. Designed for setscrews, machine screws, calibration screws, adjustment screws, and thermostat screws.

Item Name AST-LOCK™ 90PW - Medium/High Strength, Penetrating, Wicking
Type Wicking
Bottle Size 50 mL
Color Green
Packaging Type Bottle
Operating Temperature (Max) 300 ºF
Style Anaerobic Threadlocker
Physical Form Liquid
Total Height 6.250 in
Total Width 2.250 in
Total Length 1.130 in
Material Penetrating/wicking, Med./high/ strength
Shipping Weight 0.19 lb
Operating Temperature (Min) -65 ºF
LOCTITE® Interchange P/N 290
Color Swatch <img>Red.jpg</img>
Mil Spec Mil-S-46163A Type III, Grade R