34114, READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties

34114, READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties

SKU: 34114

Ready-Stick™ Epoxy Putties are hand-kneadable, will patch holes, repair cracks, and mend most anything that is broken. Excellent for rebuilding and fabricating parts. Ready-Stick Epoxy Putty-General purpose for metal, wood, glass, masonry, ceramics, concrete, fiberglass and many plastics. Ready-Stick with Steel Epoxy Putty-Steel-reinforced for ferrous and aluminum metals. Ready-Stick with Copper Epoxy Putty-Copper filled for copper, brass, bronze, and other non- ferrous metals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows breaking off any portion to keep the unused stick for future use
  • Can be tapped, drilled, filed, sanded and painted
  • Eliminates drips and runs
  • Underwater repairs
  • Sets steel-hard in 20 minutes
  • Safe for use with potable water

Temperature Range: Withstands temperatures of -40° to 250°F (-40° to 121°C), intermittent 300°F (149°C)

Applications: Plumbing and electrical repair, construction equipment, auto/truck repair, home/shop repair, iron pipes, concrete tools, oil and water tanks, tools, stripped threads, sink and pipe joints, gas tanks and radiators, molds, patterns, castings, and duct work.

Ready-Stick Epoxy Putties are individually packaged in re-sealable plastic tubes.

Item Name READY-STICK™ - Epoxy Putties
Style General Purpose
Material Epoxy Putty
Temperature Rating -40 to 250 ºF -40 to 121 ºC
Packaging Type Sticks
Type Epoxy Putties
Operating Temperature (Max) 250 ºF 121 ºC
Physical Form Clay
Total Height 8.130 in
Total Width 1.100 in
Total Length 1.100 in
Color Off White
Operating Temperature (Min) -40 ºF -40 ºC
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.