30816, Polyethylene Siphon Pump

30816, Polyethylene Siphon Pump

SKU: 30816

Leak-proof, corrosion-proof pump for 55 gallon drums. Ideal for caustics, acids, light oils, and cleaning chemicals. It is self-priming and includes 2" drum adapter and flexible poly hose. Delivers 5 GPM.

Type Corrosion-Proof Pump
Style Siphon Pump
Total Height 3.380 in
Total Width 4.630 in
Total Length 43.250 in
Material Polyethylene
Shipping Weight 1.31 lb
Delivery Rate 5 GPM
Used For 55 gal Drum
Medium Caustics, acids, light oils, cleaning chemicals
Flow Rate 5 gpm
Drum Adapter Size 2.000 in