22020, AST-SEAL™ Std (Standard Grade) Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealant w/ PTFE - 20 mL

22020, AST-SEAL™ Std (Standard Grade) Anaerobic Pipe Thread Sealant w/ PTFE - 20 mL

SKU: 22020

AST-SEAL™ Std (Standard Grade) is a general-purpose pipe sealant providing an instant permanent seal that cures in the absence of air to lock threads securely. Withstands temperatures from -65° to 300°F (-54° to 149°C) continuous, 375°F (191°C) intermittent. Not for oxygen use.

Pressure Range: Seals to 1000 psi immediately after application and up to the burst rating of a typical pipe after curing. Will not clog small openings typically found in hydraulic systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Superior to other anaerobic sealants
  • Prevents vibration loosening
  • Does not clog filters, valves, or gauges
  • Seals pipes including 3" and larger
  • Lubricates and prevents corrosion, seizing, and galling
  • Low-locking strength provides for disassembly
  • Easy adjustment up to 16 hours after assembly
  • Not volatile or flammable

Applications: Most metal threads, particularly steel and brass, ideal for fittings, pipes, valves, gauges, and connections in hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication, steam, and refrigerant systems. Inert to most industrial hazards and hydrocarbons (gasoline, diesel fuel, ethanol, etc.), most acids, chemicals, solvents, and gases.

Primer T - fast acting, 7 days on part life.  
Primer N - up to 30 days on part life.

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Item Name AST-SEAL™ Std
Style Pipe Thread Sealant
Size 20 mL
Color Off White
Packaging Type Bottle
Operating Temperature (Max) 300 ºF 149 ºC
Physical Form Paste
Material PTFE, Anaerobic
Type Thread Sealant
Operating Temperature Range -65 ºF -54 ºC
Temperature Rating -65 to 300 ºF -54 to 149 ºC
Intermittant Temp Rating -65 to 375 ºF -54 to 191 ºC
Pressure Rating (Liquid) 1000 psi
LOCTITE® Interchange P/N N/A
Total Height 3.750 in
Total Width 1.130 in
Total Length 1.130 in
Shipping Weight 0.06 lb
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.