17067, AST™ SILICONE LUBRICANT (Industrial Grade) - Aerosol

17067, AST™ SILICONE LUBRICANT (Industrial Grade) - Aerosol

SKU: 17067

AST™ Silicone Lubricant (Industrial Grade) is a dry lubricant and release agent to make everything slide and glide more easily with no greasy mess. This universal dry lubricant waterproofs, protects, and rustproofs almost any surface with high-viscous silicone to resist breakdown under heavy loads or mechanical shear.

Features and Benefits:

  • 100% pure silicone
  • Non-toxic, non-staining
  • Odorless, colorless
  • Provides a non-tacky film of lubrication
  • Excellent release properties for metallic and non-metallic surfaces
  • Aerosol is CFC Free

Temperature Range: -40° to 400°F (-40° to 204°C)

Applications: Refrigeration equipment, plastic and rubber molds, doors, windows, locks, guides, rails, electronic equipment, conveyors, hinges, squeaky springs, lawn mower blades, molding, casting and stamping dies, aircraft, autos, and boats, business machines, and construction equipment.

**All aerosol products must be Ground Shipped by UPS.

Type Silicone Lubricant
Size 9.75 oz
Operating Temperature (Max) 400 ºF 204 ºC
Packaging Type Aerosol
Style Silicone
Total Height 7.380 in
Total Width 2.630 in
Total Length 2.630 in
Material Silicone
Color Clear
Shipping Weight 0.81 lb
Operating Temperature (Min) -40 ºF -40 ºC
Temperature Rating -40 to 400 ºF -40 to 204 ºC
Flammability Yes
Note Aerosol Net Weights may vary without notice due to EPA regulation changes.